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The Best States to Retire, Based on What People Really Want

We asked people what they prioritize in a place to retire, then ranked all 50 states based on those priorities.


Thinking of Changing Careers? Here's Who's Hiring Now

Millions of Americans are looking for jobs. These industries are hiring.


Tim Cook Owns Cryptocurrency -- So Do 68% of American Millionaires

68% of American millionaires own cryptocurrency, according to a Motley Fool survey. Read on for more details.


How Many Americans Own Stock? About 145 Million -- But the Wealthiest 10% Own More Than 80%

Over half of Americans own stock, but it's not distributed equally.


Here's Why 20% of Americans Have Changed Careers Since the Pandemic Began

"The Great Resignation" is happening, but why? We surveyed 2,000 Americans to find out.


Which Jobs Will Be Automated in the Next 10 Years?

19 of the 30 occupations likely to decline in the next decade face threats from automation.


Estate and Inheritance Taxes by State in 2021

Estate and inheritance taxes are complicated -- start here.


Kevin O'Leary Is Concerned About Leaving Too Large an Inheritance -- So Are Two-Thirds of High-Net-Worth Individuals

Not all high-net-worth individuals plan on leaving money to their children.


81% of Ultra-High-Net-Worth Individuals Use Alternative Investments

Alternative investments are going mainstream.

high net worth covid philanthropy

High-Net-Worth Individuals Gave $5.8 Billion to COVID-19 Philanthropy in 2020

High-net-worth philanthropy can be controversial, but there's no denying HNW individuals gave a lot of money in 2020.


Study: Crypto and Investment Scams Skyrocket in 2020 and 2021

Scams related to cryptocurrency and investing are more common, and making more money, than ever before.


Study: How Gen Z and Millennial Investors Think About Risk

Gen Z and millennial investors have a reputation for risky investments, but is it warranted?


Average Retirement Savings in the U.S.: $65,000

How much does the average American have saved for retirement? We dug into the statistics to find out.


Study: What Are Gen Z and Millennial Investors Buying in 2021?

Members of Gen Z and millennials are an important group of investors -- but what are they investing in?


Gen Z and Millennial Investors: Ranking the Most Used, Trusted Investing Tools

What tools and sources of information do Gen Z and millennial investors use regularly?


2021 Capital Gains Tax Rates: Everything You Need to Know

Capital gains taxes are confusing -- so we did the research for you.


Poll: How Did Investors Deal With Market Volatility in 2020?

Investors viewed and reacted to 2020's market volatility in very different ways.


Marijuana Tax Revenue: A State-by-State Breakdown

Marijuana can bring in big bucks for state governments.


Poll: How Well Did Meme Stock Investors Understand What Was Happening?

A Reddit thread sent certain stock prices soaring. Here's what investors did as a result.


A Summary of 20 Years of Research and Statistics on Women in Investing

When it comes to investing, women and men differ. A lot. Here's what the research says.