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3 Social Security Rules That Are Changing in 2022 -- and 2 That Aren't

Be prepared for some big shifts in Social Security.

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These Are Americans' Top Financial Concerns for 2022

How do yours compare?

Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis for Beginners: Candles and Patterns for Stock Market Investing

Many people assume technical analysis is only for traders, but can technical analysis provide long-term investors an edge for outperformance?


Better Cloud Stock: Microsoft vs. Amazon

Which tech giant is the better all-around investment?

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Behind on Retirement Savings? 3 Strategies for 2022

If your nest egg needs a boost, here are three moves worth making in the new year.

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Why Dave Ramsey Recommends Against Buying Life Insurance for Kids

Read this before getting coverage for your kids.


3 Charts to Consider if You Want to Own an EV Stock

Sales growth shows the potential is enormous, but profits aren't that easy to come by.

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Should You Give Up or Hold Onto Hexo's Stock After Q1 Earnings?

2021 wasn't a fruitful year for this pot company -- but is there hope?

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2 Top Cryptocurrencies to Buy Right Now and Hold for the Next Decade

Looking for the next Ethereum? It could be Cardano or Polkadot.


Why I Love Vanguard

This firm keeps things as low-cost and simple as possible.

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3 Bargain Stocks That Cathie Wood Loves

Is now the best time to buy these three Wood picks?

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35% of Workers Were Full-Time Freelancers in 2021. Should You Become One?

Here's how to know if freelancing is right for you.


This Explosive Growth Stock Could Go Parabolic in 2022 and Beyond

One of 2021's biggest disruptors could skyrocket again next year and keep on climbing.

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Novavax Stock: Bull vs. Bear

Here are the cases for and against the vaccine maker's stock.

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If You Bought $1,000 of Ethereum in Early 2021, Here's How Much You'd Have Now

Hint: You'd be a lot richer.

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4 Surefire Stocks That Can Triple Your Money by 2026

Patience can pay off handsomely if you're invested in innovative growth stocks.

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How to Retire a Millionaire Without Ever Beating the Market

This deceptively simple investing strategy makes millionaires every day.


These 5 Stocks Moved the Market in 2021

These were the most important forces driving the stock market last year.

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If You Invested $100 in Dogecoin 8 Years Ago, Here's How Much You'd Have Now

Investors who purchased DOGE in December 2013 are sitting on stock market-crushing gains.

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Should You Wait to Claim Social Security for Your Spouse's Sake?

When you're married, it's not just your own needs to consider when filing for benefits.